Tar removers have historically had a couple of issues – they ‘run off’ the paintwork (potentially removing waxes and sealants on the rest of your bodywork) and they smell horrible.

Tarmalade addresses both points.

It’s a thick paste based on nature’s own degreaser and super-solvent, orange oil. So you can dab it onto a single tar spot (making it massively economical) and it clings to paintwork, giving a good dwell time. A few minutes later and gentle persuasion with a soft cloth sees the tar spot disappear.

It also, as the name suggests, smells of fresh oranges. In fact, it’s so pleasant to use you’ll have to stop yourself spreading it on your toast!*

For faster removal of tar, or for removal of tar from larger areas, use Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover instead. It’ll be far quicker and more effective than using the ‘gentler’ Tarmalade.

*Please note that Tarmalade is not edible and should be kept away from children, dogs and idiots