Dodo Juice Apple iFoam 500ml


Snow foams are fantastic to use as a pre-wash or for contactless washes on lightly soiled (but heavily protected) cars. With a rich, thick lather, snow foam has far longer to act on the bodywork than traditional shampoos (note that a specialist snow foam lance will be required for best results, but some standard foam guns may prove adequate).

Apple iFoam is pH-neutral to preserve previously-applied wax or sealant layers, and helps to loosen, soften and remove dirt BEFORE the main wash. This is another step towards eradicating swirl marks from your detailing regime, as there will be less dirt on the panel when you make contact with a mitt or wash sponge.

You can see the dirt removed by checking the thick, white lather turn brown as it pulls dirt from the vehicle. But do not expect heavy soil removal – a careful twin bucket wash will usually be required on daily driven cars. A full contactless wash may only be possible if the vehicle is heavily protected, has little contamination on it and is then going to be rinsed with filtered 0ppm water or a contactless drying technique (like an air blower).

For heavier contamination, use Supernatural Traffic Film Remover or Dodo Juice Crudzilla as a stronger pre-wash – applied by spray to the lower half of the car, or heavily soiled areas. Snow foam has its limitations. But then again, those TFRs won’t be nice to previously applied wax layers… Note that other snow foams on the market may also contain similar caustic or citrus cleaning agents to these aggressive TFRs in a bid to improve cleaning performance. These are not maintenance snow foams, but simply snow foam TFRs. We believe that Apple iFoam is the strongest performing pH-neutral ‘wax-safe’ snow foam available anywhere.

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